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Rev. Leo R. Thomas is married to Mrs. Kimberly R. Thomas and is the proud father of four. He is a Christian Educator and a Counselor who is a catalyst for positive change through his dedication to teaching the scriptures.

Pastor Thomas surrendered his will to the Lord and accepted the call to ministry in 1995. Under the leadership of Pastor David Buggs of Central Baptist Church in Carson, CA, Pastor Thomas was licensed to preach the gospel on October 29, 1995 and was ordained on July 13, 1997.

After several years of faithful service at Central Baptist, Pastor Thomas sought to grow further in his ministry. In early 2006, he was called upon to be an associate minister at Mt. Sinai Missionary Baptist Church in San Pedro, CA. In November of 2006, former pastor Chaplain Von W. Arterberry retired from the pastoral vineyard and a pastoral search was underway.

Pastor Thomas has sought God’s will for our church and has led his congregation through years of growth and blessings and because of the growth he instituted an 8:00 a.m. service in January, 2014. Under his leadership the Couples’ and Singles’ ministries as well as the Sisterhood were initiated and several ministries were revamped.

On January 17, 2015, Pastor Thomas received his degree and the distinct title of Doctor of Divinity from Saint Thomas Christian University located in Jacksonville, FL.

The new Dr. Thomas has shared with us that God has given him a vision of what the future holds for Mt. Sinai. Dr. Thomas continues to share God’s vision for our church family and our congregation continues to grasp the vision to help bring it to reality.

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Thought for the Month: July 2017

“And the angel of the LORD appeared unto him in a flame of fire out of the midst of a bush: and he looked, and, behold, the bush burned with fire, and the bush was not consumed.”
(Exodus 3:2)

For Moses, this was just another day. He was going through the usual activity of his day when he noticed something that I’m sure was commonplace: a burning bush. However, during this he also noticed something extraordinary. Although the bush was burning, it was not consumed. The bible tells us; Moses turns aside to get a closer a look at this phenomenon. When the Lord saw, Moses attention turn from the routine of his day, He spoke to him. Everything God had been doing for some forty years in the life of Moses was culminating in this very moment. Sometimes God will cause the uncommon to occur during the common; to draw your attention away from the mundane, occurrences of life.

There are times when, engrossed in the everyday details of life, we may be oblivious to the extraordinary that is right in front of us. It is possible to be in the midst of a common moment, only this time the activity is filled with the presence of God. Perhaps in the middle of your busy day, you notice something unusual. Your first reaction might be “I don’t have time to waste on this.” or “Maybe next time, but not today.” Yet, in that moment you may have just missed your opportunity for a unique encounter with God.

I have found, that God usually speaks out of the ordinary experiences of my life. Many of God’s most profound and history-changing encounters come during the ordinary experiences of “everyday moments.” When you see the unusual in the midst of the mundane, take note. Maybe God has ordained that moment to be a life-changing time for you and those around you: #thisismymoment.

Be blessed and encouraged,