Pastor Thomas


Rev. Leo R. Thomas is married to Mrs. Kimberly R. Thomas and is the proud father of four. He is a Christian Educator and a Counselor who is a catalyst for positive change through his dedication to teaching the scriptures.

Pastor Thomas surrendered his will to the Lord and accepted the call to ministry in 1995. Under the leadership of Pastor David Buggs of Central Baptist Church in Carson, CA, Pastor Thomas was licensed to preach the gospel on October 29, 1995 and was ordained on July 13, 1997.

After several years of faithful service at Central Baptist, Pastor Thomas sought to grow further in his ministry. In early 2006, he was called upon to be an associate minister at Mt. Sinai Missionary Baptist Church in San Pedro, CA. In November of 2006, former pastor Chaplain Von W. Arterberry retired from the pastoral vineyard and a pastoral search was underway.

Pastor Thomas has sought God’s will for our church and has led his congregation through years of growth and blessings and because of the growth he instituted an 8:00 a.m. service in January, 2014. Under his leadership the Couples’ and Singles’ ministries as well as the Sisterhood were initiated and several ministries were revamped.

On January 17, 2015, Pastor Thomas received his degree and the distinct title of Doctor of Divinity from Saint Thomas Christian University located in Jacksonville, FL.

The new Dr. Thomas has shared with us that God has given him a vision of what the future holds for Mt. Sinai. Dr. Thomas continues to share God’s vision for our church family and our congregation continues to grasp the vision to help bring it to reality.

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Thought for the Month: November 2017
“He did not even spare His own Son, but offered Him up for us all;
how will He not also with Him grant us everything?”

(HCSB)(Romans 8:32)


I don’t know about you; however, if I’m honest there have been moments in my Christian journey where I felt that God considered me to be insignificant. I thought God did not care about me or that He was not interested in my prayers. That was very early on in my journey; it was before I became acquainted with (Romans 8:32). In this verse, we are assured that our heavenly Father loves us unconditionally. There was nothing so precious to Him that He would not give it up to provide us with salvation. When the Father gave His Precious Son to save you and me, He proved once and for all that His love is boundless.

The apostle Paul concluded that if God would not spare ‘His own Son’ in order to provide for our salvation, how would He not willingly give anything else at His disposal in order to care for us? He sacrificed so much to give us eternal life that we can rest secure in the knowledge that He also wants to give us abundant life (John 10:10).

Because of what God did for us at the cross, should we not approach the throne of grace with confidence? God’s response to our prayers is not based upon our worthiness but upon His love and grace. Our confidence in prayer comes not from who we are but from who He is. Nothing we could ask of Him could ever compare with the price He paid for us at the cross.

What a blessing it is to know that God loves us so much! We can live with confidence and anticipation knowing that The True and Living God, is willing not only to give us eternal life, but also to help us experience it to the fullest. #HeisintimatelyinterestedinU!

Be blessed and encouraged,