lydiaLydia Haley has been member of Mt. Sinai all of her life, and the Church Secretary for many years. She is also a member of the Sanctuary Choir.
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sonyaSonya Lincoln has been a member of Mt. Sinai since March 1995 and the assistant church secretary for approximately 10 years. She is also the president of The Health and Wellness Ministry.
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dblueLong time member Deacon Donald Blue became a Deacon in 2002 and was assigned the Church Treasurer in 2006.
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obarteeaDeacon Oliver Bartee joined Mt. Sinai a few years ago and quickly became involved with the church and church business. He is the assistant Treasurer. He brings a wealth of skill and expertise to the church. Deacon Bartee also sings in the Male Chorus.
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shawSherry Shaw, Public Relations, Church Facilitator
Long time church member, Deaconess Sherry Shaw serves as Public Relations Director and Church Facilitator. Under the guidance of the pastor and head deacon she provides direction for communicating information and responding to the general public. She has the responsibility of making sure that representation is reflective of who Christ is.

As the church facilitator, Deaconess Shaw is a helper and an enabler. She provides support and structure so auxiliaries and groups function effectively to achieve unity.

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