Auxiliaries help “plant and make grow … a testimony of Christ and of the Gospel.”
 The Deacon BoardDeacon Doug Barry, Chairman

dbarryThe Deacon’s principle function is to glorify God by supporting the purpose and work of God in and through the church.

The general mission of a deacon is to handle administrative and ministry needs that free the Pastor and ministerial staff to give their full attention to praying, teaching, preaching, equipping and giving oversight to leadership and shepherding matters of the body.

The Deaconess BoardDeacon Doris Turner, President

The Deaconess board assist the Pastor in developing spiritual life of the women and girls of the church for the best possible service Christian service.

The Deaconess assist with the observance of the Lord’s Supper during the first Sunday service, Baptism and take communion to the sick and shut-in when requested.

Golden Age Outreach – Sister Mary Ford, President

The Golden Age Auxiliary is made up of senior citizens who meet once a week on Tuesdays for outings, exercise and classes. They also help those in the church and community through prayer, Bible study and social fellowship.


Missionary Society – Sister Lucy Porter, President

The purpose of the Missionary Society is to represent and promote the advancement of the kingdom of Jesus Christ in accordance with the Great Commission as stated in Matthew 28:19-20. This shall be attained through sacrificial service to the Mt. Sinai church body, the local community and beyond.


Usher Board – Sister Rita Harris, President

rharrisThe Usher Board of Mt. Sinai goes far beyond opening a door. The principle function of an Usher is to represent Christ to all who come to worship at the church. In a sense, they serve as the host of the building in which believers and strangers gather to seek God.

“…I would rather be a doorkeeper in the house of my God….” Psalm 84:10