About Us

Mt Sinai Baptist Church is committed to building a Village that represents God’s Kingdom.

To lead the lost to Jesus Christ for eternal salvation by going and teaching all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit teaching them to observe all things that Jesus Christ have commanded us.

We believe The Holy Spirit Enables, empowers, equips and encourages one to become an effective witness for Christ We believe there is only one God who reveals himself to man in three distinct persons, The Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit, therefore we believe in the Holy Trinity as it is in scripture (Deuteronomy 6:4).
We also believe every member is chosen to exalt and to evangelize in God’s Kingdom.

Our Humble Beginnings to the Present…

hatahway1In the early part of October 1924, a group of Baptist minded people met in a tent purchased by Brother William Hathaway for the purpose of discussing the possibility of establishing a Negro Baptist Church in San Pedro. The outcome of that meeting was realized in the organizing and incorporating of that small group of people into the Mount Sinai Missionary Baptist Church on October 14, 1924.

The first service was held in Brother Hathaway’s tent on a lot located on the corner of Third Street and Palos Verdes Street less than one mile from the church’s present location. The Church did not hold services in the tent very long. The members were interested in securing a place of worship, so under the leadership of Reverend Bailey a building and a lot at 432 Donald Street was purchased and converted into a modest church.


arterberryIn 1990, the congregation selected Reverend Von W. Arterberry as Pastor. Reverend Arterberry was an innovative leader of the church. Under his leadership the Drama Department had its beginning, the New Members Classes and Scholarship Program took shape. Pastor Arterberry’s spiritual leadership led many to Christ and the church membership grew, so much so that plans were made to build a new church structure. This ambitious project began with an historic ground breaking ceremony on April 18,1999. The final service in the old church structure was June 13, 1999. During construction, temporary services were held at First United Methodist Church in San Pedro. After a long two year journey, the new church was finally completed and Mount Sinai celebrated an impressive milestone.   He remained Pastor until his retirement on November 17, 2006.


leothomas-2In 2006, Rev. Leo Thomas Sr. was called upon to be an associate minister at Mt. Sinai. He quickly developed a love for the congregation. Likewise, the congregation loved his insightful and inspiring preaching and teaching as well as his engaging spirit. In December 2006, Pastor Arterberry retired and in January 2007, Reverend Thomas was installed as pastor. Pastor Thomas’s extensive business and managerial experience serves him well as he brought about meaningful change to the church’s services and administrative processes.